Cream Cheese

Cream cheese carries a rich, nutty and slightly sweet flavor, with a smooth and creamy texture. Regular cream cheese is a naturally cultured dairy product containing no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Cream cheese is conveniently packaged for easy menu preparation. It is sold in whipped, soft and 1-ounce portion control cups.

Cream cheese comes in the following varieties:

  • Regular: 33% butterfat content, 55% moisture
  • Neufchatel: 33% less fat than regular, higher moisture content
  • Light: 50% less fat than regular
  • Fat Free: no fat
  • Spread: no set standard of identity; soft spread is spreadable at refrigerated temperatures while whipped spread is aerated for super spread-ability

Recommended Applications

  • Excellent substitute for butter or margarine.
  • Serve as a spread for toast, muffins and breakfast bagels.
  • Combine with a flour tortilla and use as the start for a delicious wrap.
  • Blend with smoked fish, shrimp, artichokes, roasted almonds, herbs or spices and invent a remarkable spread or dip for crackers and fresh vegetables.
  • Develop signature sauces or fillings for beef, poultry and seafood entrees.
  • Incorporate flavored syrups and chocolates for rich, creamy toppings or dessert ideas.
  • Use whipped product as a great base for signature dips and sauces.