Ricotta is Italian for “recooked.” Cheese makers produce ricotta using coagulated solids, from the whey of recooked cow’s or sheep’s milk, that are left over from the production of provolone, fontal and fontina cheeses. This fresh cheese has a grainy and creamy white appearance and tastes slightly sweet. Ricotta contains around 13% fat​. Its varieties include whole milk, part-skim milk, whipped, non-whipped and Impastata.

Recommended Applications

  • Sweeten pasta with a ricotta filling.
  • Incorporate a layer of ricotta into homemade lasagna.
  • Combine with mozzarella and Parmesan to make a three-cheese calzone.
  • Mix with eggs, butter, green vegetables and seasoning to make ricotta dumplings.
  • Use in desserts like cannoli cream and cheesecake.