Introducing Arla Foods

We are excited to introduce you to Arla Foods! As a preferred supplier within the IPAP network, Arla Foods offers impeccable products providing extraordinary quality and flavors. We are proud to offer this great product selection through our consolidated program!

Arla Foods, the world’s fourth-largest dairy company, is a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 farmers. Arla combines traditional craftsmanship and world-class technologies to ensure its products remain closer to nature, from farm to fridge. Its award-winning portfolio includes Havarti, Danish blue, Gouda, Muenster, Edam, and English cheddar. Arla Foods ensures its dairy products are crafted with quality, natural ingredients in an environmentally friendly way.

As we inch closer to cookout season, we wanted to share with you an especially unique product offered by Arla Foods…


Burger Blue is a .88 OZ cheese slice perfect for all your burger and sandwich creations! It is available through IPAP in a 7/1.213 LB pack size.

Whether creating a new appetizer, adding flair to a burger, or whipping up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, Arla Foods’ brands include variations of blue, Havarti, Gouda, and more for all your culinary needs!

Check out the full product list available through the PAP consolidated program below!

Arla Foods Products Available Through IPAP


Gouda Wheel RW 1/10 LB

Gouda Print RW 3/5 LB

Gouda Smoked Loaf RW 3/5 LB

Gouda Baby Round 12/7 OZ

Gouda Baby Smoked Round 12/7 OZ

Gouda Pie Cut 12/8 OZ

Gouda Snack Bar .75 OZ 6/16 PC


Blue Burger .88 OZ Sliced 7/1.213 LB

Blue Danish Wheel RW 1/6.75 LB

Blue Traditional Wedge 8/4.4 OZ

Blue Extra Creamy Wedge 8/4.4 OZ

Blue Crumble Cup Danish 6/4 OZ


Havarti Danish 60% Print RW 1/9 LB

Havarti Herbs/Spices RW 1/9 LB

Havarti Herbs/Spices Bar 12/8 OZ

Havarti Light 12/8 OZ

Havarti Jalapeno 12/8 OZ

Havarti Aged RW 3/3.5 LB

Havarti Aged 12/7 OZ

Havarti Snack Bar .75 OZ 6/16 PC

Havarti Creamy RW 1/9 LB

Havarti with Dill RW 1/9 LB

Havarti with Jalapeno 1/9.5 LB

Havarti Creamy Bar 12/8 OZ

Havarti Dill Bar 12/8 OZ

Havarti Caraway Bar 12/8 OZ

Havarti Creamy Spreadable Wedge 12/4 OZ

Havarti Garlic/Herb Spreadable Wedge 12/4 OZ


Butter Danish Salted 20/8 OZ

Butter Danish Unsalted 20/8 OZ


Edam Baby Round Red Wax 12/7 OZ


Fontina Wheel Red Wax Danish RW 1/10 LB


Camembert Tub 12/4.4 OZ


Brie Danish Tub 12/4.4 OZ


Gouda Crisps 12/2.1 OZ

Havarti Crisps 12/2.1 OZ

Contact your Member Specialist today to order these great products by Arla Foods!

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