Bel Brands USA: A Favorite in Households & Foodservice

We all know and love the great brands we find in the grocery stores from Bel Brands USA, such as The Laughing Cow®, Boursin®, and Babybel®, but did you know that these delicious products are also available for foodservice? IPAP is proud to offer The Laughing Cow®, Babybel®, Merkts®, Price*s®, Kaukauna®, Owl’s Nest®, and Boursin® through our consolidated program.

As a preferred supplier within the IPAP network, Bel Brands USA offers a wide range of well-loved products perfect for incorporating into your foodservice needs.

Who is Bel Brands USA?

At Bel Brands USA, they believe cheese offers comfort, joy and satisfaction – so they strive to craft the very best cheeses available. Built upon French heritage, Bel Brands USA has been carefully nurturing their beloved cheese brands for over 150 years and bringing smiles to generations of faces. They work hard to complement the authenticity and creativity of your foodservice operation with craveable, flavorful and truly delightful tastes your guests will love – both as signature dish ingredients and as premium quality snacking options. Bel Brands USA is a family company and careful steward of the planet.

Bel Brands USA is driving the largest growth in branded cheese spreads amongst competitors and has seen significant growth in this category for foodservice. Boursin® and Merkts® are leading this growth.

Bel Brands USA Products Available thru IPAP

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Looking for Some Culinary Inspiration?

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