Are you starting the new year still unsure what your resolution should be? At IPAP, we like to believe in the old saying: new year, new cheese.

This year, Land O’Lakes is introducing a new cheese item that will amplify your menu from morning to late night. The #1 branded Processed Cheese Loaf is now in convenient slices! Land O’Lakes Extra Melt Slices are premium, thick cut slices of Sharp American Cheese created to offer a delicious taste and optimal versatility with the consistency you can count on to make your dishes great, every time.

The Land O’Lakes Extra Melt American Cheese Loaf has an outstanding hot-hold, even when sitting out on the table. Because it is made with real dairy, it provides a rich and creamy profile. Similar to the versatility in consistency, the Extra Melt American Cheese Loaf can be easily shredded, sliced or cubed for whatever application you desire.

In today’s world, the majority of consumers are staying home and not going out to eat. However, 3/4 of those consumers feel safe and comfortable getting take-out/delivery, which is a huge bonus for restaurants. Extra Melt Slices are great for adding to burgers or any sandwich and they perform well for takeout with no melting off to maintain a consistent quality.

This product comes packed with 20 slices per pouch, with each slice at 1.2 ounces thick. This is attractive because with the bigger, better, bolder flavor the need for multiple slices is eliminated.

Click here for a recipe of the Man Cave Burger with Extra Melt Cheese. Just one of the many different applications this item offers.

Whether you have a new year’s resolution or not, Land O’Lakes has you covered for all your cheese melting desires. Contact your IPAP Account Manager today to start 2021 off right by trying something new like Land O’Lakes Extra Melt Slices (item #17448), we know you’ll be happy if you do.