Cream Cheese the Perfect Topper for Chicken Sandwiches!

Would you like cream cheese with that? Has a different ring to it however, studies show that 75% of consumers who have tried cream cheese love or like it! Read more to find out what the hype is all about!

When it comes to trending sandwich varieties, the fried chicken sandwich reigns superior.  Growing over 46% on menus over the past four years (Datassential MenuTrends), chicken sandwiches are a key platform for showcasing a wide range of condiments.

Cream cheese’s versatility is endless with its ability to carry savory flavors like garlic & herb to spicy flavors like jalapeño. For operators, cream cheese is a back-of-house necessity due to its versatile formats which gives them a chance to step up their condiment game creating new builds with a premium perception among consumers.

With its smooth dairy flavor, cream cheese is being leveraged as a blank slate for chefs to experiment with creative flavors in spreads or sauces. In consumer research, cream cheese was characterized as being more premium than other condiments. Cream cheese offers a unique texture and flavor experience for consumers. Take full advantage of the premium taste and perceived exclusivity of cream cheese as a replacement to other condiments on menus.