Lactalis Culinary Enhanced 2022 Lineup of Products

Lactalis Group was founded in 1933 in Laval, France. Today, Lactalis Group is a 3rd generation family business and world leader in dairy.

Shortly after the expansion into the United States in the 1980’s, the first Wisconsin manufacturing plant was acquired. This plant produced and distributed brie for the American market. Over the past 40 years, the Lactalis Group has expanded both in manufacturing facilities and dairy products, providing consumers with amazing flavors and quality.

Sustainability Commitment & Practices

The Lactalis Group is committed to sustainable practices. Their Corporate Sustainability program is based upon three pillars:

  • People & Communities
  • Authentic Products & Heritage
  • Land & Resources

An integral part of their Corporate Sustainability practices includes the sustainable sourcing of milk for production.

Enhanced Product Lineup

IPAP is proud to offer a wide range of products by the Lactalis Group aimed to address your culinary and foodservice needs! Contact your Member Specialist today to learn more about these delicious products, inquire about samples, or to place an order.

Looking for some culinary inspiration?

Click on the pictures below to find delicious recipes provided by Lactalis Culinary!

Data and select images courtesy of the Lactalis American Group