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Kickapoo Valley Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese Kickapoo Valley Cheese Corporation's mission is to support Wisconsin's dairy industry. Established in 1979, they are dedicated to providing quality and innovative cheese packaging services. They specialize in slicing applications. Kickapoo Valley views themselves as a specialized job shop-quoting on the hard to do and awkward projects and encourage private label jobs.

Kickapoo Valley Cheese Company offers IPAP’s member distributors cheese cubes, specialty slices, June Daisies and party tray slices.

Klondike Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese Family owned for over 80 years out of Wisconsin, Klondike Cheese continues to produce specialty cheese with its consistently great quality. Although it offers a variety of cheese such a Muenster, Brick and Havarti, the company specializes in Feta.

Producing all the cheese at the plan, Klondike has won numerous first place awards for its Feta, Muenster and Brick cheeses.