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LaGrander's Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese The LaGrander's Hillside Dairy started in the early 1900s as a dairy cooperative. The factory burned down around 1925, and was immediately rebuilt where the plant is today. In 1960, Hillside Dairy was purchased by the LaGrander family. Both Dannie LaGrander and his wife, Lorraine, were cheese makers. In the 1960s the plant received 8,000 pounds of can milk daily. Today the intake is approximately 250,000 pounds. This equals about 9 million pounds of cheese each year.

LaGrander’s offers IPAP’s member distributors Colby, Cheddar and Monterey Jack longhorns.

Land O' Lakes

Wisconsin Cheese In the early 1920s a dairy cooperative was formed that had new ideas about making butter. That Co-op was Land O’ Lakes, first known as the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association. In 1926, a contest was held to find a brand name for its butter. The winners received $500 in gold and the Land O’Lakes name was born. In 1928 the now famous Indian Maiden started as a painting to reflect the Native American heritage of the upper Midwest. Land O’ Lakes now produces cheese, foodservice sauces, as well as the butter that started it all.

Land O’ Lakes offers IPAP’s member distributors butter, a full line of natural cheeses, process cheeses, cream cheese and sour cream.

Lynn Dairy

Wisconsin Cheese Lynn Dairy has been in business since before 1949. They grew from a daily intake of 13,000 pounds of raw milk in the 1940s to a current capacity of 700,000 pounds of raw milk per day. Lynn Dairy prides itself in the fresh, delicious taste of quality cheese taught by a Wisconsin tradition of using patience as the most important ingredient. They produce quality Cheddars, MonteryJacks, Colbys and other natural cheeses.

Lynn Dairy offers 40 pound blocks of natural cheeses to IPAP’s member distributors.