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MCT Dairies

MCT Dairies excellent customer service, broad product line and technical support has made them a successful supplier for the last 20 years. MCT Dairies sells products including ingredients for manufacturing, cut and wrap, dairy processing and foodservice.

MCT Dairies offers IPAP’s member distributors natural, domestic, imported and custom blend cheeses.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory has distributed dairy products in Wisconsin since 1931. In 1986 Morning Glory Farms Cooperative and Mid-States AMPI merged to created Morning Glory Farms Region of Foremost Farms. Morning Glory trademarked brands are produced in the DePere, Wisconsin facility.

Morning Glory Farms offers IPAP’s member distributors Sour Cream and Half & Half.

Mullins Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese Mullins Cheese began making fresh cheese in 1970. The Mosinee, Wisconsin based company has expanded its facility several times since its inception. The cheese plant has the latest technology and equipment in the cheese making industry. Their specialties include Cheddar, Colby, Montery Jack, Parmesan and Romano Cheeses.

Mullin’s Cheese offers IPAP’s member distributors 40 pounds blocks of these natural cheeses.