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Nasonville Dairy

Wisconsin Cheese Nasonville Dairy is located in Central Wisconsin. It has been a family run operation for over 40 years always striving to meet the company’s number one goal: supplying their customers with the finest quality cheeses and gifts at an economical price. Nasonville Dairy has grown significantly which is clear simply through the amount of milk the plant takes in daily.

Nasonville Dairy is comprised of licensed cheesemakers as well as certified cheese graders. It specializes in a variety of cheeses including Feta.

Northern Wisconsin Produce

Wisconsin Cheese Northern Wisconsin Produce Company began in 1907 as a small family owned cheese company. Today, they are a consolidator and cheese aging operation specializing in the Aging of Cheddar. Well known for their 40 pound blocks and Mammoths ranging from 150 pounds to 5,000 pounds, they also carry gems, daisies and midgets.

Northern Wisconsin Produce Company offers IPAP’s member distributors Cheddar, Colby, Parmesan, Swiss and Cold Pack Cheeses.