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Westby Creamery

Wisconsin Cheese Westby Creamery is nestled in the rolling hills of west central Wisconsin, just 35 miles from LaCrosse and the Mississippi River. Wesby is a locally owned co-op formed in 1903 to makret the farmers’ cream. Initially a butter producter, Westby now produces cottage cheese, sour cream, French onion dip, yogurt, butter and Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Colby Jack cheeses.

All Westby products are rBST-free. It also manufactures some organic products.

Winona Foods

Wisconsin Cheese Long before it opened its doors in 1995, Winona Foods was built on a cheese-making heritage. The managing partners at Winona Foods began their journey working at family-owned cheese companies, where they learned the art of cheese making and the pride of quality and customer service. Since then, Winona Foods has expanded its focus in the areas of food service, industrial ingredients, retail and co-packing industries. Its dedication to providing the highest quality portfolio of products, a dedicated customer service team and exceeding industry standards, makes Winona Foods a leading manufacturer in the industry. Initially a trader of surplus lots of bulk cheeses for dairy manufacturers, today Winona Foods provides a variety of services for dairy manufacturers, industrial and food service customers. Winona Foods is committed to being an industry leader by providing its customers exceptional solutions, service, quality and value. With manufacturing distribution centers strategically located throughout the U.S., it can develop, manufacture, package, store and deliver to the highest of standards. From development to delivery, Winona Foods will partner with customers every step of the way.

Wisconsin Cheese Group

Wisconsin Cheese Wisconsin Cheese Group, based in Monroe, Wisconsin, has been in business since 1985. They produce over twelve million pounds of Swiss, Havarti, Farmers, Brick, Muenster, pizza cheese and Spanish style cheeses per year. Wisconsin Cheese Group’s mission is to offer the best in Wisconsin quality and support their customers with sales and merchandising support and the highest quality service.

Wisconsin Cheese Group offers IPAP’s member distributors pizza cheeses, Havarti and Queso Blanco.