New Pimento Cheese Varieties Available from Schreiber Foods

We are excited to announce two new products from Schreiber Foods are now available through IPAP! The Triple Cheddar Pimento and Cajun Jalapeño Pimento cheeses are packed full of flavor and provide a new twist on many recipes!

Commonly called “The Caviar of the South,” pimento cheese is a widespread staple throughout the Southern states. However, pimento cheese doesn’t have to be just a Southern thing; it’s an adaptable cheese spread that could be leveraged in a wide range of applications, from appetizer dips and fry toppers to being the key ingredient on a burger or sandwich build. It is quickly becoming an American favorite!

Pimento cheese is a versatile item and can be substituted in applications in place of other types of cheese like Cheddar, creating a more premium menu item with elevated flavors.

Pimento Cheese Trends

Pimento cheese appears on 3.3% of all menus across the country. This is up 8.5% over the last four years despite falling nearly 18% in 2021 due to covid. It is anticipated to grow an additional 51% over the next four years.

Pimento cheese is pretty well known among consumers, with 69% having heard of it. It has been tried by 42% of consumers, and 24% like it or love it.


Pimento Cheese Applications


Adds a southern spin on a classic burger. Great when paired with traditional ingredients or something unique like bacon jam.

Hot Sandwiches

Adds flavor to grilled cheese or grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches.

Mac & Cheese

Brings a unique flavor to mac & cheese and is a unique draw compared to otherwise common cheese varieties.


Great in a warm application served with crackers, crostini, or crusty bread. Also could be served cold with veggie sticks or crackers.

Pimento Cheese Varieties Available thru IPAP

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Cajun Jalapeño Pimento Cheese

IPAP No. 20989 (Schreiber Foods STK# 23132)

A blend of sharp and mild cheddars makes this pimento cheese great for melting or as a sandwich topper. A little kick of spice comes from a Cajun seasoning blend and chopped jalapeños.

Shelf Life at Manufacturer: 90 Days

Shelf Life Guaranteed: 40 Days

Shelf Life After Container Opened: 7-14 Days

2/5lb Case Configuration

Triple Cheddar Pimento Cheese

IPAP No. 20990 (Schreiber Foods STK# 23131)

This pimento cheese is made with 6-month-aged sharp cheddar for a firm bite and thick texture that functions great as a burger topper or in a grilled cheese application. It can serve as an appetizer all by itself! Includes cream cheese, mayonnaise, and spices. Thick and creamy.

Shelf Life at Manufacturer: 90 Days

Shelf Life Guaranteed: 40 Days

Shelf Life After Container Opened: 7-14 Days

2/5lb Case Configuration

Select photos, content, and data courtesy of Schreiber Foods