Chevre (Goat)

Chevre, French for “goat,” is a generic term for goat’s cheese. Chevre encompasses cheeses of various sizes, ages, textures, flavors and types. Generally they are soft and smooth with a mild tangy flavor. The French use the term chevre to label cheeses that are made entirely with goat’s milk. Mi-chevre cheeses, on the other hand, contain at least 50% goat’s milk as well as cow’s milk. A large amount of goat cheese is produced in France on farms and in small workshops.

Recommended Applications

  • Spread on bread or crackers.
  • Soften over pasta or pizza.
  • Make a filling for ravioli.
  • Use as the base for a smooth sauce.
  • Serve in a wrap with grilled vegetables or balsamic chicken.
  • Top an apple salad, completing it with other ingredients such as grapes, raisins, walnuts and candied pecans.
  • Crumble over steamed asparagus, grilled zucchini or a roasted vegetable mixture.