Three buying groups – F.A.B. Inc., Premier Foodservice Distributors of America Inc., and Pocahontas Foods USA – form IPAP with a common goal of providing their distributors a convenient, cost-effective way to increase their purchasing power. IPAP’s consolidation warehouse is located at Lov-It Creamery in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


IPAP changes warehouses to Northland Cold Storage in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Two companies, Golbon and Foresight Partners, become IPAP members.


Foresight Partners sells its membership to All Kitchens and Federated. All Kitchens transfers its membership to Performance Food Group.


IPAP sells one million pounds of product in one week.


Scott Eithun is placed as IPAP’s General Manager.


IPAP’s consolidation warehouse moves from Green Bay to Atlas Cold Storage in Appleton, Wisconsin.


Scott Eithun is named IPAP’s President.


IPAP doubles its one-week sales record to two million pounds of product.


IPAP sells three million pounds of product in one week and adds its own logistics department.


Seafood and protein are added to IPAP’s category line.


PFG sells its Progressive Group membership to UniPro Foodservice and UniPro becomes a member of IPAP.


IPAP sells four million pounds of product in one week.


IPAP partners with Midwest Refrigerated Services to build a state-of-the-art warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. IPAP moves its consolidation program from Appleton.


IPAP begins negotiating record-low prices through RFPs.


The company consolidates more than 100,000 cases from 100-plus suppliers per week with an annual volume of over 100 million pounds.


IPAP begins its third-party billing program, allowing the company to double its volume to become a $1 billion company.


Canned fruits and vegetables are added to IPAP’s category line.


IPAP’s consolidation program outgrows its space. Midwest Refrigerated Services takes on the program in a larger warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Non-foods are added to IPAP’s category line.