IPAP surrounds itself with the most seasoned experts in the dairy industry. Here IPAP passes the spotlight to those pros to shine light on topics of interest in their field, through explainers and how-to videos.

How Cheese is Made

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Drawing upon knowledge gleaned from the Badger State’s 175-plus years of cheese making tradition, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin presents the five steps to making the greatest cheese in the world.

What humans need to survive: Biodiversity

Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Humans must expand the variety of crops and protein they eat if they want their favorite food sources to stick around in the future. Land O’Lakes shares how farmers, scientists and chefs are working to diversify our food supply. This immersive infographic was showcased as part of Land O’Lakes’ The Copernicus Project, a conversation about the modern food system presented at South by Southwest 2019.

Quick Quesadillas

Great Lakes Cheese

This simple and delicious recipe for homemade quesadillas incorporates Adams Reserve Cheddar, a product of Great Lakes Cheese. Follow along and then check out the recipe here.

Stadium Inspired Foods

Schreiber Foods

Tailgate-style foods have evolved well beyond the hot dog with ketchup. Schreiber Foods demonstrates several dishes that restaurants can add to the menu to deliver a game day experience at the dinner table.