As Wisconsinites, IPAP’s team members don’t just sell cheese – they truly love cheese.

A few facts about the cheese culture where IPAP operates:

  • Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the U.S.
  • Wisconsin’s cheese makers have won more awards than any other state or country in the world.
  • Standards for cheese making are high here. Wisconsin is the first state to grade cheese for quality, the only state to require producers to be supervised by a licensed cheese maker and also the only state to offer a master cheese making program.

IPAP’s cheese experts grew up consuming and savoring dairy. Upon joining the IPAP team, staff train extensively on what makes a quality cheese. The company’s account managers are passionate about pushing the best new items and traditional favorites alike to anyone craving a tasty cheese.

IPAP’s unique affiliation with its five venture partners gives the company incredible economies of scale in foodservice redistribution. Yet IPAP does not simply go through the motions of moving packages from point A to point B. Its cheese experts serve as an educated central part of the supply chain.

The IPAP Advantage

The foodservice dairy supply chain is complex and chaotic. IPAP simplifies and streamlines the flow of information, product and funds so participants enjoy stronger profitability compared to going at it alone.

Distributors who source dairy products from IPAP gain two key benefits: consolidated operations and lower costs. With IPAP, distributors combine their ordering, receiving and payables from multiple suppliers into a single set of transactions. This results in reduced costs through streamlining and freed up dock space.

IPAP does not require a minimum order for any supplier but still makes frequent deliveries to distributors. As a result, distributors enjoy the rare combination of faster turns, lower carrying costs and improved service levels versus direct sourcing from multiple suppliers. In addition to the financial benefits, faster turns mean higher quality dairy products for consumers.

IPAP negotiates the lowest pricing available for its vast distributor base. Distributors often receive better pricing than if dealing directly with a dairy supplier. While high-volume suppliers may ship in full truckloads and offer “best possible” pricing, others ship less than truckload (LTL) orders with price premiums to the distributor. By consolidating these LTL shipments into a single IPAP shipment, the distributor pays less, even on full-truckload shipments from a single supplier.

IPAP Features and Benefits

Faster Inventory Turns

Speedy turnover ensures longer product shelf-life.

Consistent Lead Times

Distributors don’t juggle different lead times of multiple suppliers.

More Frequent Deliveries

Frequent shipping limits the amount of inventory distributors must keep on hand.

No Minimum Orders Per Supplier

Distributors purchase exactly how much product they need from each supplier.

Operational Efficiency

Distributors receive one order, one delivery and one invoice for multiple suppliers.