Introducing the new Hispanic cheese line from Schreiber Foods!

We are excited to introduce you to 3 new Hispanic cheeses available from Schreiber Foods. These mouthwatering varieties promise to add rich flavor and depth to any recipe. The versatility of Cotija, Queso Quesadilla, and Oaxaca has expanded outside traditional ethnic cuisine. According to Datassential MenuTrends 2021, 25% of Hispanic cheeses appear on non-ethnic menus.

Over the last four years, Hispanic cheese has grown 16% and is anticipated to grow an additional 26% by 2025. (Datassential, Haiku2021)

These three new cheese varieties by Schreiber Foods all have positive projected growth heading into 2025:

+35% Cotija

+28% Queso Quesadilla

+17% Oaxaca

Source: Datassential, MenuTrends 2021

Top Applications


Queso Quesadilla


Source: Datassential, MenuTrends 2021

All of these items are available through IPAP.

Please reach out to your Member Specialist for more information!

Item numbers are listed for your convenience.

02565 – Queso Cotija 6/2.2lb grated

22117 – Queso Quesadilla 4/5lb shreds

22116 – Oaxaca 4/5lb shreds

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Select images courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Schreiber Foods